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Chronic musculoskeletal and/or nerve pain makes life difficult. Whether you are suffering from sudden or acute pain following an injury or pain resulting from a chronic condition, everyday activities can be a challenge. You don’t have to live with your pain. And while we can’t promise a cure we do promise to care.

As an RPG patient, you are priority number one. The Physicians and Clinical Staff of RPG are dedicated to returning you to work and play quickly, safely, and economically.

We’re committed to providing you with superior clinical care and prompt accurate administrative response.

You’re in pain and we’re here to help. So when pain attacks, attack back!

Ajori N. Burkhammer
Executive Director of Operations

A Word on the National Opioid Dilemma

The opioid dilemma is the difficulty that your Providers face every day; taking your chronic pain very seriously and treating it responsibly with powerful proven pain-relieving drugs, while being equally serious about the current societal misuse, abuse, diversion, addiction, and even death. The situation is further complicated by the zealous oversight of numerous government agencies and rules and regulations of all the different health care insurance companies.

Under treating your pain is not an option, but neither is a casual approach to the prescribing and monitoring of pain relief medications.

We believe you, and we are here to help you. You are in our care after being treated by one or more other health care Providers; perhaps your family doctor, a surgeon, the Emergency Room, an anesthesiologist, or your dentist. You have completed a series of questionnaires and detailed interviews regarding your past medical history, the degree and duration of your pain, and have agreed to our treatment plan to include diagnostic testing, regular Urine Drug Monitoring, and have executed a Pain Management Agreement in conjunction with your Provider. In addition, you have agreed to consider the many non-narcotic alternative therapies that may be available to you depending upon your current and changing medical circumstances and your ability to afford them.